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01.Pre - Show

Why Visit

1. Reach target buyers online via their searched keyword and product attributes

2. Enjoy our online show matching and buyer preregistered meetings

3. Exhibitor new products pre-show by using www.happydomart.com

4. Connect by making appointment pre-show

02. In - Show

Why Visit

1. Facilitate meeting with buyers by product pavilion

2. Join match events to connect with pre-selected buyers

3. Connect with online buyers by Online Show Tour during the show at show

4. Transact with online buyers and visitors by using www.happydomart.com

03.Post - Show

Why Visit

1. Support and follow-up customer management after the show using our assistant personnel via email, etc.

2. Develop business opportunities with buyers after the show through online promotion (www.happydomart.com).

3. Understand the latest marketing trend

"Middle & Small Friendly" Program

Happydo Mart’s mission is to the greatest extent to solve the procurement problems of exhibitors’small and medium-sized customers, optimize its own supply chain, and make business easy.

Middle & Small Friendly”Programe

By integrating domestic supply resources, Happydo Mart aims to solve the quantity and price problems in the procurement process of small and mediumsized customers in ASEAN, as well as the difficulties of group purchasing with products from different ports of shipment and logistics cost of group purchasing. Happydo divides all the small and medium-sized customers' orders into sub-orders to help customers for group purchasing. For example, wholesalers in Jakarta, Indonesia can purchase in group with customers in Surabaya, so as to reduce the procurement cost; Local customers in Singapore can also place an order from the same port of shipment with the customers in Thailand, thus reducing the procurement cost of small and medium-sized customers, as well as the logistics costs.

Product Screening Function

On the other hand, the price of a product is always related to its quality. The mission of Happydo is to screen out the goods with low price and good quality, so as to maximally ensure the interests of customers in transaction.

Supplier Recommendation Service

To help SMEs solve credit problems in the procurement process, Happydo provides factory inspection, factory qualification review and other services, quality supplier recommendation services, and in-time solution and coordination for transaction conflict.

Overseas Specialist Service

Insisting on the principle of "giving response to every request", Happydo has set service offices in Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines to recommend new quality suppliers and new products to customers on a regular basis, visit customers regularly to learn about the sales of purchased goods, and make corresponding purchasing plan. For VIP customers, Happydo helps to negotiate with suppliers about payment date and price.

Middle & Small Friendly Program